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The best way for the Housing Services Office to assist you is if we are made aware of your needs, situation or concern. To that end, the appropriate Housing Services forms have been included so that you can request the needed assistance, information, or response. These forms can either be dropped off in the Housing Services office (Building B-103, “Manager’s Office”), or included as an attachment and emailed to our office here.

Community Forms

Space Reservation Form

The Community Room is located on the first floor of Building C. This space can be used for academic or recreational/ social activities. | Download

Transfer Request Form

You may have a need to transfer out of your current apartment and move into another living space. This form must be completed and forwarded to the Housing Services office for consideration. | Download

Request to Vacate Form

Should you have the need to move out at any point during the semester then you will need to complete this form. Please review your license agreement prior to submitting this document as a penalty will apply. | Download

Housing Services Student Guide

This guide describes the expected standard of conduct in the complex, as well as helps you to identify behaviors that may not be appropriate for our living environment. As logic would dictate, the Housing Services staff is unable to be inside every apartment within the complex at all times of the day. Therefore, our staff relies heavily on the community to “police” itself and report conduct violations. Always remember that all reported violations are acted on by our office in accordance with established due process. |

Available Soon

Housing Services License Agreement

The Housing Services License Agreement outlines the operational and logistical expectations that you agreed to comply with as a resident. | Download

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